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Push Up Brentford! - Ep 4 - Ballots and Buckets

November 30, 2020 digital:works Season 7 Episode 4
digital:works Podcast
Push Up Brentford! - Ep 4 - Ballots and Buckets
Show Notes

Episode 4 is called “Ballots and Buckets” and focuses on the many ways in which supporters have come together over the years to fight for their club.

This episode starts with fans talking about the establishment of one of the first blind supporters schemes going back to the 1950s. 

Next, fans discuss the key battles that established Brentford as a community club with supporters groups who fought investors and scoundrels to keep it in West London.

There are tales of times when the very existence of the club was in danger, as in 1967 when QPR attempted to take over and close the club down. 

Then there was the threat of a move to Woking and bankruptcy which galvanised supporters to establish campaigns to protect the club, to stand for local elections, and even to take direct ownership of the club for a time. 

It is perhaps this militancy, this willingness to stand up for their club, that makes Brentford FC what is it today.

Push Up Brentford is an oral history project set up to commemorate the last year the club will play at Griffin Park, their home for 116 years. 

We have interviewed fans, young and old, as well as players and managers to uncover their personal stories.

We have created a fascinating living history of Brentford Football Club, starring the people who have made it such a special place over the years.

The project is run by volunteers, many of them Brentford fans, and supported by Arts and Education charity, digital:works.

The music was written and performed by Robb Johnson.

The project was funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund and supported by Brentford Football Club.

Produced by digital:works:

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