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Push Up Brentford! - Ep 1 - The Kick Off

November 09, 2020 digital:works Season 7 Episode 1
digital:works Podcast
Push Up Brentford! - Ep 1 - The Kick Off
Show Notes

Episode 1 is called “The Kick Off”. 

It explores the early years of people’s support for Brentford, their family history, some going back to the 1920s, others who had to cope with being the only Brentford fan in a family of QPR supporters. 

There are stories of bunking in over turnstiles, of grandfathers banned from pubs around the ground, and hand-knitted bobble hats and scarves. 

People also recall their first ever match at Brentford, of 9-0 victories, huge crowds and the towering Royal Oak stand, but also of humiliating defeats and dwindling numbers on the terraces. 

Push Up Brentford is an oral history project set up to commemorate the last year the club will play at Griffin Park, their home for 116 years. 

We have interviewed fans, young and old, as well as players and managers to uncover their personal stories.

We have created a fascinating living history of Brentford Football Club, starring the people who have made it such a special place over the years.

The project is run by volunteers, many of them Brentford fans, and supported by Arts and Education charity, digital:works.

The music was written and performed by Robb Johnson.

The project was funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund and supported by Brentford Football Club.

Produced by digital:works:

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